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    Barrie Taylor, The American Woman Who Killed Her Lover’s Estranged Wife In France

    In 2009, Barrie Taylor was sentenced to twenty years in prison by a French court. It took sixteen years for the French justice system to put behind bars this American criminal who put an end to her rival’s life in 1993, on French territory. Sixteen years playing cat-and-mouse with a devious woman whom French justice finally punished. September 1993. A family’s destiny turned upside down September 28th, 1993. Versailles, France. French police knocked on the door of a beautiful house in Versailles, the famous French royal town. A sweaty woman armed with a shovel opened the door. It was Barrie Taylor, an American known for being somewhat provocative and eccentric.…

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    Five Major Criminal Cases That Have Shaken French Society

    France is the world’s leading tourist destination. But, like every other Western country, France has a dark side. Serial killers, appalling criminal cases, child murders. Let’s take a look at five cases that have shaken up French society. Christian Ranucci. Doubt and the guillotine Christian Ranucci was a French man who was convicted for the abduction and killing of an eight-year-old girl on Whit Monday in 1974, in Marseille. Ranucci claimed that he had no intention of harming the girl and only wished to go for a ride with her, but the murder was a result of panic and fear due to an accident. His motive for the abduction still…

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    The Élodie Kulik Case, A Father’s Fight

    Every French person over the age of twenty is familiar with the Élodie Kulik case. This criminal case, which took place in 2002, left its mark on a French population horrified by the circumstances of the young woman’s death. The investigation was both a judicial epic and a father’s relentless struggle to find the truth. A beautiful smile died on January 11, 2002 In 2000, at the age of 22, Élodie Kulik became the youngest bank manager in France. Serious, rigorous and hard-working, she is also much appreciated for her empathy and kindness. What’s more, she had a very attractive physique. Élodie has a bright future ahead of her. On…