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Does Ted Bundy’s Natal Chart Mirror His Psychological Disorder?

Birth Chart of the serial killer Ted Bundy

Astrology is not a science. It has no empirical basis and remains highly contested. And yet, for more than twenty centuries, astrologers have been fascinated by the stars. And today’s social media have given astrological theories a whole new resonance. In this article, we asked an astrology enthusiast about the birth chart of American serial killer Ted Bundy, who, 34 years after his execution, is still the subject of much discussion.

What is a natal chart?

In simple terms, the natal chart is a photograph of the position of the planets at the time of an individual’s birth on the ecliptic (or zodiac), made up of twelve signs (the astronomical constellations). In addition to these planets and a few other stars (the fixed stars), points are defined according to the time and place of birth. These are the ascendant, descendant, Imum Coeli and Medium Coeli. The ascendant is the sign rising in the east at the time of birth, and the descendant is the opposite point. Imum Coeli and Medium Coeli lie halfway between the two previous points, and are also opposite. These are the four cardinal points of the birth chart.

Until the nineteenth century, astrology was highly deterministic, considering the birth chart to be the mirror of an implacable destiny over which the native could do nothing. With the rise of the human sciences in the twentieth century, and psychology in particular, the discipline became more flexible. The native and his or her free will are at the heart of the analysis, and the natal chart indicates potentialities to be realized and sublimated, as well as pitfalls to be avoided or, at the very least, to be navigated well armed and fully aware of one’s strengths. Whether in traditional or modern astrology, personality analysis is the most important aspect of the analysis.

Ted Bundy, a sadistic and ruthless killer

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer

Theodore Robert Bundy, born in Vermont on November 24, 1946, assaulted and murdered dozens of young women across the USA in the 1970s. In addition to these highly violent sexual assaults and murders, he sometimes indulged in necrophilia. Charismatic, with an assertive charm and sparkling eyes, his strategy was usually to feign injury or even disability in order to generate empathy in his prey. Books, series, documentaries and movies abound on this devious killer, who denied his crimes until a few days before his execution in Florida in January 1989, and after twice escaping from prison.

Is there criminal potential in Ted Bundy’s astral chart?

To answer this question, the following factors were isolated:

  • The native self in relation to society
  • His psyche and its issues
  • His emotions and instincts
  • His childhood and family
  • His intellect and social interactions
  • His aggressiveness
  • His way of loving and his desires
  • His sexuality and libido

The ego will be studied by observing the Sun, ascendant and related variables.

The psyche will be analyzed by looking at the Black Moon Lilith and the 12th house.

Emotions and instincts will be observed with the Moon.

Childhood and family will be studied by observing the 4th and 10th houses and related variables.

His intellect and interactions will be analyzed with Mercury and the 3rd and 9th houses.

His aggressiveness will be studied with Mars.

His way of loving and his desires will be studied with the Moon and Venus.

His sexuality and libido will be analyzed by focusing on the 5th and 7th houses and their related variables.

A brief reminder of the basics of astrology

The astrology enthusiast we interviewed about Bundy practices traditional astrology, which is limited to the seven planets or stars known to the ancients: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. There are twelve houses that cover the major domains of existence. Here’s a brief overview of astrological symbolism:

  • Sun: personality and inner self
  • Moon: emotions, instincts and intuition
  • Mercury: intellect and expression
  • Venus: feelings and desires
  • Mars: fighting spirit and aggressiveness
  • Jupiter: luck and enthusiasm
  • Saturn: limits, inhibitions and sorrow
Astrological signs, planets and aspects
Symbols used in astrology
  • 1st house: ascendant, social self
  • 2nd house: finances and earnings
  • 3rd house: siblings, communication, commerce, education
  • 4th house: father, childhood, home, past
  • 5th house: sexuality and leisure
  • 6th house: daily work, vocation, health and minor illnesses
  • 7th house: others/society, sexual behavior, justice
  • 8th house: hidden matters, financial losses, death and inheritance
  • 9th house: higher education, foreigners, beliefs, principles and religion
  • 10th house: mother, ambitions, career and social status
  • 11th house: friends, colleagues, projects and associations
  • 12th house: failures, fears, psyche, chronic and/or serious illnesses

The twelve signs of the zodiac are each ruled by a star or planet. Depending on their position in the sign, these stars or planets are dignified or debilitated. The stars form aspects with each other, which influence the houses concerned.

Step-by-step analysis of Ted Bundy’s birth chart

First, we’ll go step by step, isolating each element before proceeding to a synthesis.

Here is Ted Bundy’s natal chart:

Natal chart of American serial killer Ted Bundy

Bundy was born under the sign of Sagittarius, where the Sun is located. It’s a masculine sign, mutable and fiery, giving him a taste for action and initiative, impatience and a certain adaptability. His Sun is also ruler of the Leo ascendant and is in the 4th house. Family and home are crucial to him. His primary motivation in life is to build a solid family unit. But this ideal is greatly challenged by the other planets and configurations in this house.

Astrological symbol of fire signs
Fire sign symbol. Bundy was Sagittarius rising Leo, both fire signs

The Moon, which manages instincts and emotions, governs the house of the psyche and evolves in the 4th house. It suggests difficulties in childhood, perhaps with the father. This Moon in Sagittarius denotes an enthusiastic, optimistic individual who could prove a particularly pleasant spouse.

Mercury is in Scorpio, giving it an intuitive and combative intellect. This planet evolves in the sector dominated by Mars. His ideas are therefore firm and he doesn’t hesitate to fight to impose them. The presence of Mercury in the house of childhood and roots demonstrates the extent to which his mentality has been shaped by his past and upbringing.

Venus, indicator of feelings and desires, is in exile in Scorpio. The planet is therefore vitiated, causing a libido that’s difficult to satisfy. Venus is also located in the 4th house, which may mean that frustrations and misguided desires can find an echo in Bundy’s past.

Mars is the most powerful planet in Ted Bundy's birth chart
Mars is the most powerful planet in Bundy’s chart

Mars, planet of energy, aggressiveness and violence, also rules the 4th house. Mars has the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus at its disposal. These stars are under the yoke of the red planet; they become Martian. Arguments, pressures and crises are the hallmarks of childhood and influence the development of the individual. Aggression is rooted in the experiences of a potentially complicated past. Mars also rules the 9th house, and we can think of a certain religiosity in the home where Ted Bundy grew up.

Jupiter, ruler of the 5th and 8th houses, is located in Scorpio and in the 3rd house. The ruler of sexuality and death is therefore in the sector of ideas, exchanges and short trips. Jupiter favors excess.

Saturn is in the 12th house and rules the 6th and 7th houses. Health, justice and social relations are therefore “transported” to the sector of inhibitions, the psyche and failures.


We’ve set the scene. Now it’s time to see how the planets and houses interact.

Ted Bundy campaigned for the conservative party
Ted Bundy campaigned for the Republican Party

The Sun is in harmony with Saturn. So we have a relatively conservative spirit. Let’s not forget that Bundy was a staunch Republican. The Republican Party is the conservative party in the United States. Saturn is in the sign ruled by the Sun. In his chart, Saturn represents others and society. He wants to impose himself on them, even subjugate them. As the Sun is itself ruled by Mars, he fights to make room for himself, and this latent aggression is rooted in a turbulent childhood.

This brings us to the planetary cluster (or stellium) in the house of childhood and the past. No less than five planets evolve here, and Mars in domicile dominates them. Early childhood was absolutely decisive in the construction of Ted Bundy. The ego, emotions, instincts, intellect and feelings are under the domination of the governor of aggressiveness and violence.

Moreover, all-powerful Mars “contaminates” the Moon since it’s conjuncted to it. The Moon is also the mother in a natal chart. Admiration and contempt go hand in hand. Bundy was raised by his grandparents, and his mother was introduced to him as his older sister, since she had given birth out of wedlock. To the bitter end, the latter supported her son, claiming that her son could not have committed such horrors, before having to face her son’s confession on death row.

The Moon rules the 12th house, where the depths of the mind meet aggression, with childhood and the family setting as a backdrop. This aspect is very important in his evolution. The 12th house is also about pain and failure. Mars’ conjunction creates resentment and fosters combativity.

Ted Bundy at his trial
Ted Bundy at his trial in Florida

Mercury and Venus are conjunct under the rule of Mars. He deploys his charm with verve and ideas. Bundy was his own lawyer during his trial. He also multiplied his fields of study to give himself intellectual consistency and a status at odds with his family and social condition (Mercury rules the 2nd house here, symbolizing earnings and resources). He briefly studied Mandarin, the arts, architecture and law, with a pronounced interest in politics (Mercury represents the 11th house, which covers this field). Venus rules the 10th house, symbolizing ambitions and social status. But Mars’ impatience and past undermine his personal fulfillment. Moreover, Mercury and Venus are opposed at the Medium Coeli, the point supporting career. With Venus in exile, he never satisfied his ambitions.

Furthermore, Mercury and Venus are also in great tension with the ascendant, the social Ego. Its thoughts, ideas, ambitions and material needs are detrimental to its perception by others. Let’s not forget that the ruler of the ascendant, the Sun, is also dominated by this aggressive Mars, whose principles are tinged with harshness, since Mars rules the 9th house.

An equally interesting point in his chart is the presence of Jupiter ruler of the 8th house in the 3rd house: here, Jupiter becomes the significator of death and evolves in the sector of mentality. A Scorpion-like mentality managed by Mars, the avenger of a difficult childhood. Jupiter is in tension with cold Saturn, which governs the house of social and sentimental relations, and therefore relationships with the opposite sex. He sows death among his relationships, which are in difficulty in the face of an all-powerful Mars.

Photo of Ted Bundy and his mother
Ted Bundy grew up thinking his mother was his sister

Venus is debilitated in this natal chart. In addition to the Moon, the 10th house is a marker of the mother. This mother is perceived as exuberant and light-hearted. Venus is vitiated, rogue in Scorpio. Mars, on the other hand, represents the father and is all-powerful. Yet Bundy never knew his father. But he certainly idealized him. Mars is in direct connection with Saturn, which in astrology symbolizes grandparents, especially grandfather. The latter, known as a tyrannical, xenophobic brute, took the place of the absent father.

Jupiter, symbol of sexual life through its control of the 5th house, is opposed to the Midheaven (or Medium Coeli). His sex life runs counter to his social life. The social persona is respectable, although the career is not fruitful. However, instincts and desires are likely to topple this respectable image. The conjunction of Jupiter to Mercury and Venus allows him to mobilize his words, charm, ideas and knowledge in the service of his carnal objectives. Let’s not forget that the serial killer’s charm, ideas and words obey his violent and powerful Mars. The same goes for Jupiter (ambitions), which moves through Mars in Scorpio.

Ted Bundy standing by his beige Volkswagen Beetle
Bundy cruised the roads in his beige Beetle

Saturn, ruler of 6, daily work and health, and 7, sexual behavior, is located in the troubled 12th house. Sex contaminated not only his obsessions, but also his fears. Bundy felt very uncomfortable in interpersonal relationships, even as a teenager. He felt out of step with the other boys in high school, then in college, in their relationships with the opposite sex. His Saturn is conjunct Pluto, a planet rarely used by traditional astrologers since it was discovered in the twentieth century and symbolizes destruction. Pluto is the secondary ruler of Scorpio, in this case of the 4th house, where Mars rules. Violence and destruction link the house of childhood and the past to that of sexuality, in the sector of the psyche and hidden, troubled things. Saturn and Pluto are also in tension with the Midheaven. Once again, the social façade hides a mind that’s out of sync with its emotional and sexual instincts.

Ted Bundy’s astral chart clearly illustrates the serial killer’s criminal potential, as well as his psychic imbalance. Mars reigns supreme in the man’s sky, dictating the law of violence. This planet, the astrological symbol of aggression, blood and heat, dominates Bundy’s personality, mind, ideas, feelings, emotions and instincts. The deleterious alliance with Saturn and Pluto, who rule the man’s chaotic psyche, adds to his destructive power and duplicity through a perverse and deadly sex life. Jupiter, governor of death in this natal chart, is in negative aspect to the pernicious couple Saturn Pluto in conjunction with Mars. Ted Bundy’s criminal potential is illustrated by his natal chart.


In conclusion, Ted Bundy’s perversity is obvious. As in 99% of serial murder cases, this serial killer’s shattered childhood nurtured a pronounced aggressiveness and desire for domination. Social and behavioral duplicity has served troubled personal interests and savage death impulses. The psyche is clearly shaky and vicious. To the question of whether Ted Bundy’s natal chart mirrors his psychological disorder, the answer is absolutely positive.

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